Integrated Media Design Option


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Program Description

The Associate in Science Degree in Integrated Media Design is a multidisciplinary program intended to lay the foundations for entry-level jobs that require cross-disciplinary skills in video, visual design, web/interactive design, storytelling, and social media strategy, and for transfer to four-year design and media programs. Working through the program, students will produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates their preparedness in industry-standard technical skills, critical-thinking skills, and visual and audio content creation.

Integrated Media Design Option program of study

Career Outlook

The Integrated Media Design program addresses current demands for cross-disciplinary skills in the contemporary job market. Visual designers, interactive designers, social media specialists and many other professions require people to understand various aspects of content creation in video, web, and visual design, and social media strategy. People with a multimedia portfolio find work in advertising agencies, visual design firms, web design companies, publishing companies, game design companies, pre- and post-production houses, public relations firms, colleges, and many kinds of private, public, and non-profit companies.

Examples of occupations that require cross-disciplinary skills are:

  • The visual designer who needs to know web content management, social media, video, and motion graphics.
  • The promotions manager who needs to know web architecture, video production and editing, social media strategy, and storytelling skills.
  • The communications specialist, or journalist, who needs photography, video, sound and social media strategy
  • The videographer who needs to know social media, typography and web content management.
  • Interactive designer who needs to know animation, storyboarding, and content management.

Further, more concentrated study can lead to jobs such as animator, motion graphic designer, art director, advertising account manager, public relations specialist, communications specialist, journalist, multimedia designer, multimedia production artist, multimedia developer, illustrator, videographer, filmmaker, film video editor, sound designer, 3-D artist, web designer, multimedia coordinator, technical artist, multimedia developer, experience designer, game designer, storyboard artist, interface designer, virtual reality specialist. art director/creative director, web designer, broadcast designer, software application designer, interface designer, information designer, product designer, environmental designer, broadcast design, educator, instructional designer, artist, and special effects designer.